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AI Video Captions Generator

AI generated captions added to your videos, automatically generated for 100+ languages. Highly accurate, beautifully synchronized, and ready in minutes.

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Adding Captions to Your Video or Audio Made Simple

1 Select and Upload

Whether you have a video or an audio file, Typeframes has got you covered. Our platform accepts a wide range of file formats. Simply choose your file from your device and upload it to begin.

2 Customize Your Creation

Take your content to the next level by adding video footage. Simply enable the "Add video footage" option and choose from stock videos, moving AI images, or let our AI work its magic and generate visuals for you. AI-generated visuals require an additional credit. Want more control? Our built-in editor allows you to add your personal touch post-generation.

3 Finalize and Share

Hit the "Generate" button and watch as Typeframes perfectly aligns captions with your content. Use our editor to fine-tune your captions by adjusting font, color, and position to make it truly yours. Once you're happy with the result, download your masterpiece and share it with the world.


Make Your Videos Shine with Typeframes' AI powered Tools

Typeframes' diverse tools makes video creation effortless.From text and website content to social media posts, turn any idea into captivating video content!


Text to Video

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Create clips from YouTube

Convert your YouTube video into a short vertical

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Create TikTok videos

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How to turn text to video in just a few clicks


Start With Text Only

Whether it's a blog post, social media caption, or any text content, start by writing the words you want to bring to life.

  • Write the text content you want to feature in your video
  • Break texts into concise segments with short punctuated sentences.
  • Select audio of choice.
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Customise & Personalise

Typeframes gives you the tools to make your story uniquely yours.

  • Tweak colors, fonts, and layouts to match your brand or personal style.
  • Easily upload your own photos or videos to incorporate them seamlessly.
  • Add visual impact with eye-catching animations or motion effects.
  • Fine-tune the speech pace, volume, etc., of our AI generated voice.
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Social-First Video Creation

Create perfect videos for social media, grab attention, and grow your business.

  • Create vertical videos from any content, ready to be published.
  • Generate voice, add animations and create super engaging content.
  • Create automations, Typeframes will watch your blog, Twitter or Linkedin account and create content automatically
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Your shortcut to effortless video story telling.


Frequently Asked Questions

What's the process for adding captions to my video with this tool?
It's a breeze! Simply upload your video file, and our tool will automatically create synchronized captions based on the video's audio. You can review and make changes to the captions if necessary before downloading your final captioned video.
Is it possible to add captions to an audio file?
Definitely! When you upload an audio file instead of a video, you'll have the choice to create a video with the captions displayed over a plain background or with relevant stock footage, AI-generated visuals, or moving images to complement the audio content.
What's the accuracy level of the generated captions?
Utilizing advanced speech recognition and natural language processing, our system produces highly precise captions synchronized with the audio. Although no software can be 100% perfect, our tool generates captions with over 99% accuracy for clear audio in more than 100 supported languages. We employ cutting-edge transcription models to ensure the highest quality. In case of any inaccuracies or mistakes, you can easily modify them or adjust the wording and timing of the captions using our integrated caption editor.
What's the process behind generating and synchronizing captions with my video/audio?
Our tool utilizes sophisticated AI speech recognition to automatically transcribe the audio and produce accurate captions. These captions are then intelligently synchronized with the timing of the speech in your video or audio file. You can effortlessly review and edit the captions as needed before finalizing your video.
What choices do I have for the video footage that complements the content?
When uploading a file, you can opt to have our AI system search for or generate pertinent video footage to accompany your content. You can choose from stock videos, AI-generated visuals, or moving AI images. This footage will be displayed in a split-screen layout alongside your original video or audio.
What's the cost of using this tool?
Each use of the Add Captions tool requires 1 credit. The actual cost varies based on your subscription plan - paid plans include a specific number of credits per month, while our free tier offers a limited number of credits to get you started. Opting for the AI-generated video option incurs an additional cost of 1 credit/video on top of the base cost.
How much time does it take to generate a captioned video?
For the majority of videos and audio files, the captioning process is quite swift, taking only a minute or two. The precise time depends on the duration and intricacy of your original video/audio. Just sit back and relax, and your captioned video will be ready before you know it! Feel free to tackle other tasks while the captioning magic unfolds in the background.
What will the output look like if I upload an audio file without selecting any additional video options?
If you upload an audio file without choosing any video footage options, the generated video will feature the synchronized captions displayed over a plain white background. This allows you to use our built-in editor to add your own background media later if desired.
Is it possible to have the captions translated into another language?
At present, captions are generated only in the original video language. We're exploring the possibility of adding automatic caption translation in the future. For now, you can manually edit the generated captions to translate them yourself.
Can I modify the font, color, and position of the captions?
Absolutely! After the captions are generated, you can use our built-in editing tools to customize the caption font, size, color, and placement on the video. This ensures that the captions blend seamlessly with your video's style.
What if I'm not satisfied with the caption results?
While we always aim for the best results, if you're not completely happy with the captions, you can easily refine them to perfection using our user-friendly editing interface. If you encounter any further issues, our support team is here to help you ensure you get top-notch captions.
Is it possible to export my captioned video without the audio?
Yes, when downloading your final captioned video, you can use the built-in editor to choose whether to export with or without the original audio track. This is particularly useful if you plan to use the captioned video on social media platforms that auto-play videos without sound.
What if I have a question that isn't addressed here?
We're always here to help! If you have any additional questions about using the Add Captions tool or any other aspect of Typeframes, please don't hesitate to reach out to our friendly support team. You can get in touch with us via email at, and we'll respond to you as quickly as possible.