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Turn your scripts, articles, tweets, or posts into irresistible TikTok videos in minutes. Fully customizable and ready-to-share

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💡 Tip: use a link to a tweet, LinkedIn post, or blog post and we will magically retrieve the content
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News, Male, Middle aged, Well rounded, American
News, Ground reporter, American, Male, Middle aged
American, Calm, Meditation, Female, Young
British, Children's stories, Female, Pleasant, Young
American, Male, Narration, Crisp, Middle aged
Deep, Male, Middle aged, Narration, American

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Calm, Tiktok
Bladerunner 2049
Calm, Futurist, Tiktok
Calm, Tiktok
Calm, Tiktok
Calm, Tiktok
Calm, Tiktok
Paris - Else
Suspens, Tiktok
Calm, Tiktok
Another Love
Calm, Tiktok

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Create Engaging TikTok Videos in 4 Easy Steps

1 Input your video script or URL

Start by entering the text for your video script in the input field. Alternatively, you can paste a URL link to a tweet, LinkedIn post, blog article, or other web content that you want to convert into a TikTok video.

2 Choose your AI voice or record your own

Select one of the realistic AI voices provided by ElevenLabs, or add a custom ElevenLabs voice via link. You can also choose to record your own voiceover and/or video directly in the tool, with options to select your mic, webcam, and audio quality.

3 Pick your video style and music

Choose your desired video style from the options: stock videos, moving AI images, AI generated visuals, or AI morphed video. Guide the media generation by including text in [brackets] in your script. Then select a background music track or upload your own audio file.

4 Generate your video and edit as needed

Click the 'Generate Video' button and your unique TikTok video will be created in just minutes, complete with graphics, captions, transitions and more based on your inputs. After generation, you can use the built-in editing tools to trim, customize and refine your video as desired before downloading and sharing.


Make Your Videos Shine with Typeframes' AI powered Tools

Typeframes' diverse tools makes video creation effortless.From text and website content to social media posts, turn any idea into captivating video content!


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Convert your text to video

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Convert your YouTube video into a short vertical

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Create TikTok videos

Convert your text into a TikTok video

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Convert your tweets to video

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Amazon Product Video

Create video or Amazon product

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How it works

How to turn text to video in just a few clicks


Start With Text Only

Whether it's a blog post, social media caption, or any text content, start by writing the words you want to bring to life.

  • Write the text content you want to feature in your video
  • Break texts into concise segments with short punctuated sentences.
  • Select audio of choice.
from text to video in Typeframes

Customise & Personalise

Typeframes gives you the tools to make your story uniquely yours.

  • Tweak colors, fonts, and layouts to match your brand or personal style.
  • Easily upload your own photos or videos to incorporate them seamlessly.
  • Add visual impact with eye-catching animations or motion effects.
  • Fine-tune the speech pace, volume, etc., of our AI generated voice.
from text to video in Typeframes

Social-First Video Creation

Create perfect videos for social media, grab attention, and grow your business.

  • Create vertical videos from any content, ready to be published.
  • Generate voice, add animations and create super engaging content.
  • Create automations, Typeframes will watch your blog, Twitter or Linkedin account and create content automatically
from text to video in Typeframes
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Your shortcut to effortless video story telling.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the TikTok Video Generator tool about?
The TikTok Video Generator tool allows you to instantly create engaging TikTok videos using just text input or URL links. Simply enter your video script or paste in a URL (e.g. tweet, LinkedIn post, blog article), select your AI voice and video style, and our tool will create a fantastic video ready to publish on TikTok, in minutes.
How do I get started with creating a TikTok video using this tool?
Getting started is easy! First, input your video script text or paste a URL into the text field. Then choose an AI voice or record your own voiceover. Next, pick your desired video style — stock videos, moving AI images, AI generated, or morphed. Finally, select a music track and hit generate. Your one-of-a-kind video will be ready in just a couple of minutes!
What types of content can I use to create TikTok videos?
You can create videos from a wide variety of content sources — original video scripts that you write, excerpts from blog posts, tweets, LinkedIn posts, articles, and more. Just copy and paste the text or URL into the tool and let Typeframes handle the rest. The possibilities are truly endless!
Can I use my own voice instead of the AI voices?
Of course! While the tool provides a selection of realistic, high-quality AI voices for you to choose from, you also have the option to record your own voiceover directly in the tool. Simply select the "Record Yourself" option, choose your mic and webcam, and start recording. There's even a handy teleprompter for your scripts if you choose to record yourself!
Alternatively, you can also upload a pre-recorded audio file of your voice if preferred.
How can I customize the visuals in my video?
We offer 4 amazing options for video graphics: stock videos, moving AI images, AI generated visuals, and AI morphed video. Feel free to experiment & choose the style that best fits your content.
Fun fact: You can also guide the media generation by including text in [brackets] in your script to tell the AI what visuals to create for different parts.
Is there a limit to how long my video script can be?
While there is no hard limit, we recommend keeping your scripts concise for short-form TikTok videos. Use short, punctuated sentences and line breaks to guide the pacing and slide changes in the video.
How much does it cost to use this tool?
Typeframes' TikTok Video Creator tool operates on a credit-based system. Each video you generate requires 1 credit, plus an additional credit for each 1000 characters of output text over the initial 1000 characters included.
The number of credits available to you depends on your subscription plan. Paid plans come with a set number of monthly credits, while free accounts receive a limited number of credits to get started.
How do I get more credits to use the tool?
Yes, you can upgrade anytime to increase your monthly credits for creating TikTok videos. We offer several paid plan tiers to fit different needs and budgets. Check out our pricing page for current plan options and credit allowances. Upgrading is instant and you'll immediately have access to your new credit balance.
Can I add my own music?
Yes, you can! The tool has an extensive library of royalty-free background music tracks to choose from. But you also have the option to upload your own audio file to use as the video soundtrack. Just click on the "Upload a custom audio" option at the 'Select Audio' step, and select an audio file from your device. Various formats like MP3, WAV, and more are supported.
Make sure you have licensing rights for any tracks you upload.
How can I guide the visuals that appear in my video?
The tool provides you with an easy way to influence the imagery used in your video. In the initial text input, enclose any visual cues or directions within [square brackets]. The AI will take those directions into account when generating graphics, even though that bracketed text won't be read aloud in the voiceover or added into captions.
This allows you to specify visual elements to accompany your script. You can also add <break> tags like <break time="1.0s" /> to insert pauses in the generated voiceover.
How long does it take to generate a video?
In most cases, your video will be generated and ready to download within just a few minutes. The processing time may be slightly longer for very long scripts.
You can expect to have your completed video very quickly and we'll notify you via email when your video is ready.
Can I edit my video after it's generated?
Yes, all videos created with our tools are fully editable after generation. Once your video is processed, you'll be able to make changes and refinements using Typeframes' built-in video editing capabilities (they're extremely powerful!).
Trim clips, add text overlays, adjust audio levels, and more to fine-tune your video just the way you want it.
Where can I share the videos I create?
Videos generated with this tool are designed to be posted directly to TikTok or any other social media platform. Once you're happy with your final edit, simply download the video in your preferred file format, and upload it to your TikTok account (or any other desired video sharing platform for that matter!).
The videos are created in the ideal format, orientation, and resolution for TikTok, but will look great on most major social platforms or websites.