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Generate a TikTok Video from any content

Input your TikTok text, or any kind of urls (tweet, linkedin posts or blog posts ...) and we will generate a TikTok video for you. Videos are fully editable.

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💡 Tip: use a link to a tweet, LinkedIn post, or blog post and we will magically retrieve the content
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How to Create a TikTok Video from Any Content in 3 Easy Steps

1 Input Your Content

Whether it's a tweet, LinkedIn post, blog post, or raw text, simply paste your content into the text field. Typeframes will automatically analyze your content and extract the key elements to create a stunning TikTok video.

2 Customize Your Video

With Typeframes, you have full control over the look and feel of your video. Adjust the animations, transitions, and effects to align with your brand and resonate with your TikTok audience. You can even generate a voiceover from a selection of voices.

3 Export Your Video

Once you're satisfied with your TikTok video, you can export it in the optimal format and quality for TikTok. Typeframes ensures high-quality output for your videos, making them stand out on the platform.

How it works

How to turn text to video in just a few clicks


Start With Text Only

Whether it's a blog post, social media caption, or any text content, start by writing the words you want to bring to life.

  • Write the text content you want to feature in your video
  • Break texts into concise segments with short punctuated sentences.
  • Select audio of choice.
from text to video in Typeframes

Customise & Personalise

Typeframes gives you the tools to make your story uniquely yours.

  • Tweak colors, fonts, and layouts to match your brand or personal style.
  • Easily upload your own photos or videos to incorporate them seamlessly.
  • Add visual impact with eye-catching animations or motion effects.
  • Fine-tune the speech pace, volume, etc., of our AI generated voice.
from text to video in Typeframes

Social-First Video Creation

Create perfect videos for social media, grab attention, and grow your business.

  • Create vertical videos from any content, ready to be published.
  • Generate voice, add animations and create super engaging content.
  • Create automations, Typeframes will watch your blog, Twitter or Linkedin account and create content automatically
from text to video in Typeframes
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Your shortcut to effortless video story telling.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does Typeframes' TikTok Video feature convert a tweet to a TikTok video?
Typeframes intelligently analyzes your tweet, identifies key elements, and uses them to create an engaging TikTok video. It will even generate a voiceover from a selection of voices, making the process of converting a tweet to a TikTok video seamless and efficient.
Can I convert a LinkedIn post to a TikTok video with Typeframes?
Absolutely! Typeframes' TikTok Video feature can transform your LinkedIn post into a stunning TikTok video. It automatically generates a video from your LinkedIn post, saving you time and effort.
How can I convert a blog post to a TikTok video using Typeframes?
With Typeframes, you can easily convert a blog post to a TikTok video. Our tool analyzes your blog post, identifies key points, and uses them to create a visually appealing TikTok video.
How does Typeframes help to create short-form videos for TikTok?
Typeframes is designed to create short-form videos that are perfect for TikTok. It simplifies the process, allowing you to plug in your content, choose from a wide variety of effects, and export your video in the desired format.
Can Typeframes generate short-form videos from any content?
Yes, Typeframes can generate short-form videos from a variety of content, including blog posts, tweets, LinkedIn posts, or even raw text. It will analyze the content and use it to create a stunning TikTok video.
What quality can I expect from my short-form TikTok videos created with Typeframes?
Typeframes ensures high-quality output for your short-form TikTok videos. Our tool is designed to create visually appealing videos that stand out on the platform.
Is Typeframes suitable for beginners wanting to create short-form videos?
Absolutely, Typeframes is designed to be user-friendly for both beginners and experienced video creators. The intuitive interface and automated process make it easy for anyone to create high-quality short-form TikTok videos.
Can I preview my short-form TikTok video in real-time while using Typeframes?
Yes, Typeframes allows you to preview your short-form TikTok and makes it 100% editable. This ensures you have a clear view of the final product before it's complete.
Is there any limit to the number of short-form TikTok videos I can create with Typeframes?
Typeframes aims to provide flexibility to users, allowing you to create 3 high-quality short-form TikTok videos before subscribing. Check the specific subscription plans for any restrictions on video creation and other features.